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Emerge Nevada Officers

Board Officers

An educator with the Clark County School District since 1979, Vikki is the current President of the Clark County Education Association, a non-profit organization formed to provide a cohesive network of support to nearly 12,000 educators in Clark County. Vicki is a member of the Curriculum Committee and resides in Las Vegas.  

One of the longest serving members of our organization, Daela currently chairs the Stonewall Democrats of Northern Nevada and is the former Vice-Chair of the Nevada State Democratic Party. She has been on our Board since 2010 and is also an Emerge graduate of the Class of 2007.

A graduate of Emerge Nevada's very first class (2007), Annette is a graduate of UNLV and a well-known progressive activist. Annette served as the Public Relations director for Planned Parenthood of Southern Nevada before leaving to become Executive Director of Battle Born Progress. She is the current Chair of Emerge's Curriculum Committee.  

A graduate of Emerge Nevada’s Class of 2011, Marla came on the Emerge Nevada Board in 2012 and became president in 2014. Marla came onto the Board as a member at-large in 2012. Re-elected in March 2015, Marla is currently serving her third term as Secretary of the Nevada State Democratic Party. Marla is also the chair of Emerge Nevada's Alumnae Pipeline Project.  

Board Members

Patricia is a graduate of the Emerge Nevada Class of 2013 and became a member of the Emerge Nevada board in 2014. She has four children and three grandchildren. Patricia owns a fitness and nutrition small business and is a certified zumba instructor.

Arlene began her career as an attorney with the Domestic Violence Unit at the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada, where she primarily represented victims of domestic violence in their immigration filings. She is a graduate of the Emerge Class of 2014 and a member of the Alumnae Pipeline Committee. 

As a teenager, Leslie's first foray into politics was as a volunteer for Lyndon Johnson’s campaign for President. Thus began her lifelong interest in politics. After college, Leslie had a successful career in the labor movement where she built an extensive political portfolio. A graduate of the Emerge Class of 2012, Leslie was elected to the Board of Directors in May, 2015. She resides in Dayton, Nevada with her husband and is a member of the Alumnae Pipeline Bench Development Committee. 

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